Britt Anderson 

Owner and Operator


Britt has over 11 years of experience in the dog-care industry.  After earning a degree in Buddhism at Lewis and Clark College, she decided that she wanted to work with furry buddhas - dogs!  When she's not at Fetch, she enjoys hiking with her husband, Adam, and their dogs, Koal and Ella, or browsing the aisles at Powell's Books.

Meet our Staff!

Brendan Kerrigan 

Senior Manager


Brendan has been in dog-care for over 15 years, and has been at Fetch for 5 years.  He is also a certified Canine Massage Therapist, certified groomer, has worked in dog obedience, and even used to own a dog daycare and rescue!  In his free-time, he retreats to his Damascas farm with his dogs Roxy, Lola, and Cornelius.  If you want farm-fresh eggs, he's your guy!

Nick Corum

Senior Manager


Nick worked in dog-care for many years on the East Coast before moving to Portland, and has been a member of the Fetch team for 4 years.  He also has an artistic side, especially when it comes to black-and-white photography.

Jay Plourd

Daycare Specialist


Jay has been with Fetch for over 2 years.  In addition to his work with dogs, he is also a naturally talented artist!  We're always asking him to draw things and make everything look good!  You can see a sampling of his work on our chalkboard at Fetch.  

Sarah Jenkins

Daycare Specialist


Sarah is the newest member of the Fetch team, but she is certainly not new to the dog-care field.  She is currently also dabbling in dog-grooming!  When she's not working with the dogs, she's helping out with her husband's glass-blowing business, where we can only assume she is as invaluable as at Fetch!

Chris Gatrell

Dog's Best Friend!


Chris came to us through a special program in 2014, and he's been enriching the boarding dogs' lives ever since!  He is in charge of Sunday dog-baths and is the ultimate playtime buddy!  We have seen so much personal and professional growth from Chris, and we are so proud of him!