Boarding your dog at Fetch 


Fetch is a dog's perfect home away from home!  Each dog has his or her own private 5'x5' kennel, equipped with a comfortable pet cot.  We also provide dishware and plenty of snuggly blankets.  You are welcome to pack any special items (toys, treats, etc.) that you think will make your dog feel more at-home during their stay!  


Please contact us to book your dog's stay at Fetch in advance.

Boarding/Daycare Combo........ $40/Night


With our boarding/daycare combo, your dog will get to frolic with the daycare dogs from 7am to 6:15pm, retreating to their private kennel only for meal times and sleeping.  This is the best option for the social and energenic dogs, or for dogs who just like to mingle!

Boarding-only option........ $40/Night


For less social dogs, we offer boarding without daycare.  These dogs will be treated to one-on-one playtime with a staff member three times a day, whether they are interested in a game of fetch or a simple belly-rub and cuddle time.  This is also a good option for dogs who are not spayed/neutered and for dogs who are too old (we prefer "mature") to benefit from daycare. 

Special Offers!

Have more than 1 dog?  If they can share a kennel, the 2nd (and 3rd!) dog gets a 50% discount!


Dogs staying more than 5 nights get an optional free bath before going home and a 5% discount!


Dogs staying more than 10 nights get an optional free bath before going home and a 10% discount!

Add an exit bath for just $15 and your dog will go home clean!